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if you'd like to purchase any of these offerings that aren't formally available online, just shoot me an email and i'm sure we can work something out via snail mail... and for you musicians and bootleggers out there, i'm always up for a trade...

most of the mp3s are partial tracks, just to give you a sense for what the songs sound like, but there are some complete tracks too.
if you want to hear more, send me email.

(Sort of) New Releases


Randy Clark, guitars/vocals
Joshua Zucker, bass/vocals
Vince Littleton, drums

Recorded at Radical House, SF

Tom Ross
Reach In This Dream

Tom Ross, guitar/vocals
Joshua Zucker, bass/vocals
David Black, drums


Poor Man's Whiskey
Dark Side of the Moonshine

Jason Beard, mandolin/vocals
Gary Neargarder, guitar/vocals
Josh Brough, banjo/vocals
Eli Jebediah, dobro/vocals/beer cans
Chris Rovetti, fiddle/vocals
George Smeltz, drums/vocals
Joshua Zucker, bass/vocals

Recorded live at the Mystic Theatre, Petaluma, CA
For sale on CD and DVD soon!
For now, check it out on YouTube!

David Gans
Twisted Love Songs


David Gans, guitar/vocals/loops
Joshua Zucker, bass on 'Autumn Day'


Recorded live all over this lovely country of ours.


Garrin Benfield Band
Where Joy Kills Sorrow

Garrin Benfield, guitar/vocals
Joshua Zucker, bass/vocals
Russ Gold, drums
Michael Rodriguez, keys

Recorded at Studio D, Sausalito, CA in June 2004

Garrin Benfield Band
Live August

Garrin Benfield, guitar/vocals
Joshua Zucker, bass/vocals
Russ Gold, drums

Recorded live during the 2003 Summer tour. Live renditions of a few favorites and some previously unrecorded tracks.

Kenni & Co.
Shine Shine Shine

Kenni Feinberg, guitar/vocals
Joshua Zucker, bass/vocals
Josh Greenberg, percussion
Anne Schrager, vocals
Trisha Varley, vocals

Featuring Randy Clark, Garrin Benfield and Peter Kaukonen on lead guitar.


Party of One

Matt Donner, guitar/vocals/etc.
Percy Howard, vocals
Ahmed Azzam, drums
Joshua Zucker, bass
Edo Castro, bass

 An odd-time pop tour de force. I appear on tracks 4, 5, 6 and 9. Lots of bass in the mix! 


classic joshstuff...

Gakk -- The Key is under the Gefilte Fish (1994)

David Zucker, guitar/vocals
Michael Migliozzi, drums/vocals
Jeremy Dyen, keyboards/vocals
Joshua Zucker, bass/vocals

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More info about Gakk

1. Shake Your Bagel
2. Sea Dag Run (sample)
3. Butterfly (sample)
4. Paper Duck
5. Mr. Mckenna
6. Invasion of the Guyzorbs (sample)
7. Don't Know
8. As It Were
9. Dagan's Rue
10. Grampaw

CROWSONG -- Western (2002)

Randy Clark, guitar/vocals
Dave Kaufman, drums/vocals
Joshua Zucker, bass/vocals

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More info about Crowsong

1. My Girl
2. Separate Ways (full song)
3. Thirty More Years
4. Drive
5. Two Manhattans (sample)
6. Wishes in a Well
7. Fall in the Sea
8. Badlands
9. Red is the Color of Blood (sample)
10. Old Rt. 13
11. Fearless (sample)
12. Songs About Horses
13. Desert Song
14. Endless Shore

Dr. Morbius -- Live in Dave's Kitchen (1996)
(the band so lazy, we didn't even make a cd cover...)

David Zucker, guitar/vocals
Nigel Sifantus, drums/vocals
Joshua Zucker, bass/vocals

1. Shake Your Bagel (sample)
2. Desert Island Swim (full song)
3. Pepperoni (sample)
4. Discord (full song)
5. Grampaw (full song)

Tony Perez & Second Hand Smoke -- Green Hits (2002)

Tony Perez, tenor saxophone/vocals
Futoshi Morioka, guitar
Ernest Carter, drums/vocals
Josh Greenberg, percussion
Joshua Zucker, bass

1. Cheap Thrills
2. The Waltz (sample)
3. Sympathy for the Devil
4. Hair of the Dog (sample)
5. Hard to Get (sample)
6. Shoot Your Shot
7. Cole's Law
8. Roll with the Rhythm

Ghosthouse -- The Ozone Sessions (1991)

David Zucker, guitar/keyboards/vocals
Michael Migliozzi, drums/vocals
Joshua Zucker, bass/vocals

1. Mellow Funky Thang
2. Zucker Polka (full song)
3. Who Am I To Say (full song)
4. Shadow (full song)
5. Vasectomy (full song)
6.  A Lot Like Me
7. Dead End Road (full song)